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The Maintenance Of The Cold Press Machine Is Very Important

May 26, 2017

Cold Press Machine is one of the commonly used machinery in the woodworking industry. It is mainly used for bonding and veneering of plate furniture. After the use of Cold Press Machine, the Cold Press Machine to carry out maintenance work. Cold Press Machine maintenance has a complete set of standards. When we run out, how to maintain the Cold Press Machine? Here for everyone to introduce.

1, after the end of each class must clean the press, and ensure that the screw clean.

2, the weekly turbines, vanes, lifting screw for lubrication, lifting screw and nut filling oil. 3, the cylinder oil surface should be maintained between 25-45mm, such as the oil surface below 25mm should be filled with hydraulic oil, fuel tank, you must first in the upper and lower table pad more than 100mm height block and then filling the oil operation. 4, the cylinder piston jitter or sharp sound, the gas should be discharged

5, is strictly prohibited cylinder over the use of the trip, to prohibit the pressure or pressure relief occurs when the processing.

Cold Press Machine maintenance is very important, only maintenance properly, in order to reduce the Cold Press Machine failure, to extend the service life of Cold Press Machine, more Cold Press Machine related content, please visit our website or telephone contact our manufacturers to learn more The

Understand the price of Cold Press Machine need to first understand this equipment, or know the price but do not know how to use what is the meaning of it! In Henan production of Cold Press Machine equipment manufacturers have a lot, but very familiar with the Cold Press Machine technology is not a few, if you want to engage in Cold Press Machine project, we must find a professional manufacturers to obtain equipment and services.

Our technical staff today to give you the following science knowledge of Cold Press Machine:

Cold Press Machine, that is, cold and dry compressor. The amount of water vapor in the compressed air is determined by the temperature of the compressed air: reducing the temperature of the compressed air to reduce the water vapor content in the compressed air while maintaining the compressed air pressure substantially constant, and the excess water vapor will condense Into a liquid. Cold and dry machine (frozen dryer) is the use of this principle using refrigeration technology to dry compressed air.

Cold Press Machine is divided into screw Cold Press Machine and hydraulic Cold Press Machine. One screw Cold Press Machine has a turbine, long-term maintenance, vulnerable. Hydraulic Cold Press Machine. Easy to leak without frequent maintenance, high efficiency. Cold Press Machine price even if the same model in the market there are different, and we want to offer the offer may wish to Xinxiang Kim Li carpentry inspection, the company's various types of Cold Press Machine to maintain a reasonable offer, and always the user's valuable To meet.