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Auto-feeding Die Cutting Machine Is Such A Complex Equipment

May 26, 2017

With the improvement of printing technology, Auto-feeding Die Cutting Machine in our lives play a more and more significant role, Auto-feeding Die Cutting Machine is the main force of finishing equipment, with the printing industry continues to grow and develop, die-cutting The demand for operations is also increasing, so we need to pay close attention to equipment operation, timely detection of problems and solve the problem. Then the Auto-feeding Die Cutting Machine in the operation of what is the problem we need to pay close attention to it?

During the operation of the equipment, we need to check the rotation of the parts in a timely manner, if abnormal, should be promptly shut down to check and adjust the elimination of abnormal sound and then production.

 Paper is mainly the problem, in the Auto-feeding Die Cutting Machine before the need to check whether the paper meets the process requirements, whether the error within the allowable range.

Operators must be professionals, non-operating personnel shall not operate the equipment, to avoid accidents.

Auto-feeding Die Cutting Machine such a complex equipment, which must have a lot of fasteners, such as steel screws, do not tighten the words will cause the edge of the wear or paperboard crushed and so on; knife mold fixture if not tight will Causing the process of falling off.

Iron plate palpable marks are often required to check the site, if foreign bodies should be promptly removed.

Need to regularly install the lubricating oil for the operation of the equipment, regularly check whether the loose screws, the insurance switch is sensitive.

Since 2002, China has become the largest consumer of machine tools worldwide. China's machine tool industry structure with the development of the automation industry continue to adjust, die-cutting machine technology progress also accelerated the realization of a sustainable development of new road to industrialization. With the machine tool production precision and efficiency, in 2013 China's CNC machine tool market prospects are also new changes. At present, most of the machine tools used in our country are ordinary machine tools. The number of ordinary machine tools is huge and the security problems are highlighted. Therefore, security issues become a major obstacle to its development. Increase safety performance, improve the nature of machine safety, to solve the problem of low degree of NC, frequent personnel injuries, low level of safety, production efficiency is not high problem. After the completion of CNC machine tools, can greatly improve the processing efficiency and automation, intelligent degree. Reduce the possibility of operator contact with dangerous parts; operating system and operating interface more and more ergonomic requirements, can effectively reduce the operator's error rate, reduce the accident caused by the accident.