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The Development Direction Of Die Cutting Machine

Jun 08, 2017

Die Cutting Machine is widely used, the working principle is not complicated, die-cutting technology is mainly the use of die-cutting knife, steel knife, metal mold, steel wire, through the imprint to exert a certain pressure, Into a certain shape. If the entire printed matter pressed into a single graphic product called die-cutting; if the use of steel wire in the printed material on the traces of the traces of leaving or bending marks called indentation; if the use of yin and yang two templates, Heated to a certain temperature, printed on the surface of the printed material with a three-dimensional effect of the pattern or font called bronzing; if a base material on another substrate called the paste; excluding the rest of the original part of the product For waste.

1. The traditional stickers trademark printing press manufacturing enterprises. Production into difficult times, production and sales decline year by year. The reason is that the production of high-tech products, one of the highly efficient rotary-type trademark printing presses and flexographic printing presses, is increased by printing and even the circular press-cutting production efficiency is much higher than the intermittent printing, Die-cutting behind the production equipment.

2. Round pressure round wire die cutting will be the largest batch of printed packaging products, the best way to die. Has been used for flexographic printing production lines, forms printing presses, corrugated printing slotting Die Cutting Machine, rotary stickers trademark printing presses, gravure printing die-cutting production lines, such as connecting printing and packaging equipment. With the development of printing technology, especially the processing level of circular die-cutting drum, the application range of circular die-cutting will be more extensive, and the production efficiency of die-cutting will be further improved.

3. With the rapid development of printing and packaging industry, the scale of enterprises has been expanding. Automatic flattening Die Cutting Machine application market will continue to expand. In contrast, semi-automatic flat die die cutting machine sales market will be further reduced, in addition to low productivity, the operator labor intensity and other reasons, the security is poor, prone to accidents involving the drawbacks of the main road reason. However, due to the scale of China's printing and packaging industry, the gap between the size of this device will have a certain market, will still play a role.