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Main Performance Of Die Cutting Machine

Jun 08, 2017

Die cutting machine in the great contribution to human progress, with the rapid development of science and technology, in many post-India equipment varieties, China's Die Cutting Machine product technology and industrialization has reached a high level, the main signs in the following few aspect:

First, Die Cutting Machine imports fell, exports continue to increase. According to customs statistics: imports of molded molding equipment in 2002 461, 25.219 million US dollars; imports in 2004 455 units, 26.028 million US dollars; 2004 1 to 3 quarter imports of 213 units, 17.151 million US dollars; is expected to import trends throughout the year decline. Exports in 2007 765 units, 1086.1 million US dollars; exports in 2003 1066 units, 13.893 million US dollars; 2004 1 to 3 quarter exports 958 units, 15.591 million US dollars, is expected to export throughout the year last year.

Second, the varieties of Die Cutting Machine to meet the basic needs of the domestic printing and packaging industry. China has been able to manufacture, including automatic flattening Die Cutting Machine, including trademark Die Cutting Machine, stickers trademark Die Cutting Machine, round pressure Die Cutting Machine, round pressure Die Cutting Machine, flat die die cutting machine And other products, has been able to manufacture linkage line die-cutting units, such as: flexographic printing presses, gravure printing presses, stickers printing presses, corrugated printing slotting machines and other equipment die-cutting unit.