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How To Setting The Cutting Die Height And Trial-Cutting For Traveling Head Press

Apr 14, 2017

Shuoying Precision Machinery recommend the following how to setting the cutting die height and trial-cutting for traveling head press model.
1.Place a plastic cutting pad onto the traveling head press worktable.Then place the cutter die onto the base place.Make the cutter die at the middle position of the traveling head.
2. After starting the machine.turn on the setting switch,after put two“cutting”button at the same time by hand,the punch head will slide down and press onto the die cutter.Loosen the handle of stroke setting,the handle will side down to the lowest.Lock the handle at the lowest place.Turn off the setting switch.The puncher pin will automatically return back the up.
3.Take down the cutter die.Place the materials to be cut down onto the plastic base plate.Mount the cutter die.Simultaneously press down two punching and cutting buttons on the puncher pin for trial cutting.
4. Take out of the cutting die.If the cutter die inserts into the base plate too deep,rotate the fine-tuning head clockwise.Then mount the cutter die again for a trial-cutting.If the object to be cut is not completely cut off,rotate the fine-tuning head counter-clockwise.Then mount the cutter die again for a trial-cutting till the object can be cut off completely.
5.During operation,if the puncher pin rises too high.rotate the lifting-height knob counter-clockwise so as to reduce down the unnecessary idle stroke of travel and to save the working time.If the cutter die is not placed properly or in case of other emergencies,please quickly press down the emergency-stop button,then the puncher pin will lift back.
6.setting of cutter die finishes.
7.If you still have any problem .please contact us.