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How to deal with the problem of hydraulic cutting machine

May 09, 2020

    Hydraulic cutting machine is currently a wide range of cutting machine types, although easy to use but the hydraulic system due to a variety of reasons may appear a variety of problems, such as heat, hydraulic oil leakage and vibration and so on.

   How can we prevent this from happening?The following automatic cutting machine to bring you a simple understanding of the next.

   One: when the hydraulic cutting machine is started up, the machine can be idled for about two minutes before cutting.

   Two: the lubrication system should be checked regularly to see if it is working normally. The oil filter in the oil tank should be cleaned once a month.Or feel the oil pump noise must be cleaned.Clean the tank whenever the hydraulic oil is replaced.

  Three: if due to a long holiday or other reasons to stop the need for more than a day has been on, then remember to set the handle to a relaxed state, so as to reduce the damage of parts

  Four: every time before going off work to clean the machinery as a whole, to keep all the electrical parts clean, of course, if you can check all the screws better.

  Five:Pay attention to check and maintain the oil level in the oil tank at any time. The hydraulic oil level should be at least 30m/m higher than the filter oil level, but the oil tank cannot be loaded.If there is serious loss, please find out the cause and take appropriate measures.

   Six: the hydraulic oil of the oil tank about 2400 hours in use must be replaced, especially the first oil of the new machine about 2000 hours in the best replacement.After the installation or oil change of the new machine, it is necessary to clean the oil filter for about 500 hours.

   Seven: the oil pipe, joint should be locked without oil leakage phenomenon, when the oil pipe working movement should not cause oil pipe friction, in order to prevent damage.

   Eight: to open the oil pipe should be placed at the bottom of the pressure seat cushion block, so that the pressure seat down to the pad block to prevent the circulation of a large number of shallow oil leakage.Note that the motor should be completely stopped without pressure before the oil pressure system parts can be removed.

   Nine: if the machine does not operate, must stop the motor, otherwise it will greatly reduce the service life of the machine.

   Above is SHUOYING  machinery hydraulic cutting machine factory to introduce the relevant content, I hope to help you.