Shoe Die Cutting Machine

Shoe Die Cutting Machine
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Among those famous shoe die cutting machine manufacturers, Shuoying Precision Machinery is a competitive shoe die cutting machine golden supplier in China. You can get CE certificated products from us.

The series of die cutting machine used for shoe and clothes industries are similar. The swing arm die cutting machine is normally used for cutting the selected cloth material, pressure ranged from 100KN to 250KN. While cut lining material need use plane die cutting machine, hydraulic traveling head die cutting machine, pressure ranged from 250KN to 350KN. If cut bigger size and many more multi-layers material, its better choose the 1000KN to 1500KN precision four-column hydraulic die cutting machine.

1) )Atom type swing arm cutting machine

2)Single cylinder plane die cutting machine

3)Hydraulic traveling head cutting machine

4) Precision four-column plane die cutting machine